In 2021, Women’s Day will be marked by the largest number of women holding positions since the terminal began operations in 2013.


DP World Santos, one of the largest and most modern private multipurpose terminals in the country, installed on the left bank of the Port of Santos, is entering its eighth operational year. During this period, several achievements have been celebrating – one of them is focused on the participation of women in the port sector. Today the corporation has 176 women on its staff, an increase of 85% compared to 2013, when the number was only 95.

Women are present in almost all departments of DP World Santos, from administrative (such as Finance, Legal, Sales, Environment, among others) to operational. By way of understanding, only in the operational activities there are more than 100 of them holding positions previously held mostly by men.

There are warehouse leading women, truckload operators, small and large forklift operators, RTG operators (acronym for Rubber Tyred Gantry, a crane responsible for stacking containers), inspectors, cargo checkers, occupational safety technicians, and even overhead travelling crane operators.

The recent expansion of the infrastructure to become a multipurpose complex and new services offered by DP World Santos have contributed to the insertion of more women in the labor market. In pulp operations alone, about 30 female operators were recently hired.

The statistics are also positive in relation to career development: over 37 promotions for women were recorded throughout 2019. In 2020, there were 26 promotions. The commitment, however, is to intensify the presence of women in the corporation and develop them to assume leadership positions.

To sustain these initiatives, DP World Santos has the DPWorld4Women Global Program, an initiative that seeks to support women in all its units, through mentoring programs and other initiatives held throughout the year. At DP World Santos, the MentorHer program – which consists of mentoring sessions by senior professionals for women in career advancement – is already in its third edition, having trained more than 40 participants.

“What was once uncommon has now become our goal. We know that much still needs to be done, but one of the assumptions of sustainability of the DP World Group is the appreciation and empowerment of women in the labor market. We are working on this agenda, because we understand that women have a lot to offer and deserve to be protagonists in the sector because of their competence and qualification”, according to Lenilton Jordão, Director of People.